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Cherry on top, final touch, a finishing line of the summer marathon ober Poland is Letnie Brzmienia Festival which is taking place between August 27-28th on the Błonie of PGE National Stadium in Warsaw. This urban final is the culmulation of the whole musical cycle Letnie Brzmienia which took place in the biggest cities in Poland.

Tired of the current pandemic situation and thirsty for festival emotions, we come with a proposal of a super safe, tailor-made spectacle which we hope to be welcome during every summer in Warszaw.

2 scenes (big an small) and the most popular Polish artists – this is the core of the Letnie Brzmienia Festival. Druing this 2 days long music weekend, fans will listen to eg. long no seen, but very missed Brodka, the newest ‘Zabawa’ album (with hits ‘Annuszka’ and ‘Tylko nocą’) by Krzysztof Zalewski or the queen of ‘Szampan’ – sanah. On the small stage, we will find eg. Baasch, Bloo Crane or Mery Spolsky.

Despite the music feast, in the programme of the Festival, there are accompanying events, such as, meetings with artists, workshops, outdoors show and innovative commercial art exibitions.

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